Day6’s Jae says he’ll interact with fans more when he’s “out of the K-pop realm”

"We won't have people getting [upset] about things that hardly matter"

Jae Park of South Korean band Day6 has opened up about his plans for the future when he’s “more out of the K-pop realm”.

The Day6 vocalist – who releases solo music under the moniker eaJ – recently held a his brief Twitter Spaces session on August 31, as archived by fans here. During the broadcast, the singer spoke about plans for more solo releases as well as being able to interact with fans more in the coming year.

“This could be a super cool platform,” Jae said of Twitter Spaces, during what was also his first-ever session on the service. “Maybe when I’m more out of the K-pop realm and we won’t have people getting [upset] about things that hardly matter, maybe then we’ll be able to have some more personal conversations.”


Park’s comment could possibly be a reference to a “sugar daddy” remark he made during a Twitch livestream in March, which sparked some backlash in South Korea at the time. The singer subsequently shut down his Twitch channel and apologised with a brief statement on Twitter.

“But I’m telling you guys, [20]22 is about to be our year, for sure. A lot more interaction. I’m definitely going to be able to do a lot more things,” Park added during the Twitter Spaces session. “And I’m hoping that a lot of things that I’d be able to do is with you guys. Because that’s kind of what it is at the end of the day, right? We’re fam, right?”

Elsewhere during the stream, Park also spoke about his upcoming appearance at Head In The Clouds 2021, a music and arts festival that will be held on November 6 and 7 at the Brookside at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

“It’s definitely going to be a pivotal moment, I think, in my career as a musician,” Park said. “That’s the first time i get to actually be Jae, and not be some façade or some fake image of a perfect human being. I can finally be who I am as an individual human being.”

Meanwhile, Jae recently collaborated with South Korean singer Seori on her song, ‘Dive With You’. It marks the second time they have teamed up to work together, having released the single ‘It Just Is’ last September alongside singer-songwriter Keshi.


Seori will also be making an appearance at the Head In The Clouds festival this year, alongside other artists such as Joji, Rich Brian and Saweetie who will be headlining the event.

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