Day6’s Wonpil announces plans to enlist in the military next month

"I wanted to match up the time of my [military service] as much as possible with the other members"

Day6 keyboardist and vocalist Wonpil has announced his upcoming military enlistment.

Wonpil had hosted a V Live broadcast on February 23, where he personally shared the details of his impending enlistment. The singer revealed that he had chosen to apply to the Navy as it was the next available option, as he wanted to line up his service to his fellow Day6 members.

“I will be enlisting on March 28,” he said during the broadcast, as translated by Soompi. “Since [Day6 members Young K] and Dowoon all already enlisted, a part of me kind of wanted to enlist early too.”


The singer will be the final Day6 member to enlist for South Korea’s mandatory military service. “I think people may be surprised that I’m going to the Navy,” Wonpil added. “I didn’t originally plan on that, but I ended up enlisting in the Navy because I wanted to match up the time of my [military service] as much as possible with the other members.”



Later during the livestream, the singer started to tear as he spoke about the group’s fanbase and their support throughout the years. “The thing I’m saddest about is that when MyDays (the name for the group’s fans) want to see me, they won’t be able to… that I won’t be able to do things like this [live broadcast]. But it’s not like I’m not going to return,” he said.


The news of his enlistment comes just weeks after Wonpil made his solo debut with ‘Pilmography’. The record made him the fourth Day6 member to go solo, after bassist Young K and drummer Dowoon, as well as former guitarist Jae Park.

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