Death Grips’ Zach Hill shares debut single from his new group, Undo K From Hot

Their debut album arrives next week

Death Grips’ Zach Hill has shared the debut single from his new group, Undo K From Hot.

The co-founder and drummer of Death Grips shared the new song, titled ‘750 Dispel’ over the weekend (May 1) – you can listen to it below.

Writing on Instagram, Hill said: “I have a new group called Undo K From Hot” and shared the song’s artwork and group’s new Instagram account.


The track is the second track on their debut album, ‘G.A.S. Get A Star’ which arrives next week on May 7. You can see the full album track-list below.

You can listen to the new song on Bandcamp here.

‘G.A.S. Get A Star’ Tracklist
1 Ziplock Quilts That Kill From Hot
2 750 Dispel
3 Incomplete Spanks
4 Empty AM
5 Back Pages
6 Missing Information
7 Password Incest
8 Get a Star
9 Crosswalk

Last month (April 1), Danny Elfman shared a new version of his recent track ‘Kick Me’ remixed by Hill.

The original version of the musician and film composer’s track was released last month, accompanied by a Petros Papahadjopoulos-directed video. Elfman released Hill’s “glitchy remix”, which was co-produced and engineered by Robby Moncrieff.


“I was a big fan of Death Grips and Zach Hill’s work, and so appreciative to have him jump in with his creative energy,” Elfman said of the track.

Meanwhile, the man who destroyed Donald Trump‘s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has revealed that he was listening to Death Grips as he carried out the act.

Austin Clay took a pickaxe to the President’s star on the famous walkway back in July 2018, with the assailant having carried the pickaxe to the location in a guitar case.

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