Def Jam Philippines announces ‘Rhapsodicity 2’ EP, shares first single ‘Lakbay’

The EP will close with a tribute to Jamir Garcia from Project E.A.R., Joe Flizzow and more

Def Jam Philippines has announced its second Rekognize EP, ‘Rhapsodicity 2’, featuring a star-studded lineup of some of the region’s most iconic names in music.

Toney Chrome, SCYE, Joe Flizzow, Pop Shuvit, Tiffany Lhei and Kaycee are among the collaborators featured on the five-track EP, which will see one track released every Tuesday this month.

The first track, ‘Lakbay’ featuring Third Flo’, M $ T R Y O, Toney Chrome, Scye, Daddy A (Allan Mitchell Silonga), Dash Calzado, Steven Peregrina, and Mark Beats, has already been released as of March 1 on major streaming platforms.


Def Jam Philippines has revealed that the final release from ‘Rhapsodicity 2’ will be ‘Fade To Black’ by Project E.A.R. The track is a tribute to SlapShock vocalist Jamir Garcia, who passed away on November 26 2020.

Following ‘Lakbay’, three more tracks will premiere ahead of ‘Fade To Black’. These tracks are titled ‘Diversity’, ‘Testify’ and ‘Epic’, and will feature Konflick, Tiffany Lhei, Jazee, Pino G., Fateeha and more.

Rekognize was first formed as a collaborative project to develop and mould upcoming Filipino artists by Def Jam Philippines. The project’s first EP, ‘Nite N’ Day’ was released on April 16 last year and featured over 120 Filipino artists based in Manila, New York and other Southeast Asian countries, including Al James, Mark Beats, Legit Misfitz and aero.


The project has announced plans to release four EPs in total.

The tracklist for ‘Rhapsodicity 2’ is:

1. ‘Lakbay’ – Thirdflo, MSTRYO, Toney Chrome, SCYE, Daddy A, Dash Calzado, Steven Peregrina, Mark Beats
2. ‘Testify’ – Zaki Kijah, Medmessiah, Banong Bagsek, MISTA, Rudic, Konflick
3. ‘Diversity’ – Fateeha, A-BURGS, Illest Morena, Zae, Tiffany Lhei, Kaycee, Bebe Riz, Jazze
4. ‘Epic’ – 7 Shots of Wisdom, Southeast Cartel, Kristyles, Pino G.
5. ‘Fade To Black’ – Joe Flizzow, Dandee, Emmet, Pop Shuvit, Lean Ansing, Chi Evora, Reg Rubio, DABOYWAY, Ian Tayao, Jamir Garcia, D-COY