Denzel Curry on people asking him to make a punk album: “Fuck no!”

"You can’t call me that: I did one cover and now everyone thinks I’m punk!" he said of his now-legendary version of Rage Against The Machine's 'Bulls On Parade'

Denzel Curry has revealed that fans have been asking him to make a punk album, an idea he is not a fan of.

The rapper released new album ‘MELT MY EYEZ SEE YOUR FUTURE’ back in March, and appears on the cover of NME today (July 15) for a new Big Read feature about the album, future plans and more.

During the feature, reference is made to Curry’s cover of Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Bulls On Parade’ for triple J series Like A Version, which he says had fans debating his crossover potential into punk and rock sounds.


“There are people who were super big rock-heads who said, ‘When I heard a rapper was going to cover this, I was very sceptical until I heard it. And you bodied it’,” he told NME.

Curry added: “Nobody’s ever bodied a Rage Against The Machine cover… I got a lot of praise for it and some people are even asking me to make a punk album, and I’m just not with that. Not now; hell no! A punk album? Fuck no!”

Asked about his potential as a crossover star in the pop-punk world, which has been achieved by the likes of Machine Gun Kelly in recent years, Curry responded: “If anything I’m more so big on flexibility, because when you call me a ‘pop-punk prince’, that’s like you’re putting me in a box – that’s not what I want you to do. I make sure every album sounds different. On this album, do you hear it sound like punk?

“You might hear it on ‘TA13OO’, maybe even on ‘Imperial’ – but ‘Nostalgic 64’ didn’t sound like punk. You can’t call me that: I did one cover and now everyone thinks I’m punk!”

Elsewhere in the Big Read, Curry referenced a viral tweet of his from earlier this year, in which he called himself “the best rapper alive – point blank, period.”


Asked if he stands by his statement of being the greatest rapper alive, he said: “I am! I don’t give a fuck!”

Of the backlash, he said: “I was so mad but, at the same time, very sensitive. I was like, ‘I am and who the fuck’s going to tell me I’m not?”

Denzel Curry on the cover of NME
Denzel Curry on the cover of NME

Reviewing ‘MELT MY EYEZ SEE YOUR FUTURE’ upon its release earlier this year, NME said: “It’s hard to revamp your sound with every project, but Denzel Curry is fast becoming the Renaissance man of Southern hip-hop, always 10 steps ahead of the game.

“For the fifth time – and in a different way than we might have expected – Denzel Curry has provided a priceless sense of self-discovery as he explores his countless facets.”

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