Denzel Curry says he’s a huge Pantera fan: “They was my shit”

The surviving members of the metal veterans recently announced plans to reunite for a tour in 2023

Denzel Curry has revealed that he is a huge fan of Pantera.

Speaking in a new interview in this week’s NME Big Read, the rapper admitted that the metal veterans were one of his childhood favourite bands.

“I loved Pantera. Pantera was my shit!” he said. “‘Super Cowboys From Hell’; ‘Reinventing The Steel’ – their [songs and albums] had some cool ass names as well. That one album, [1992’s] ‘Vulgar Display of Power’? Super-tight.”


“And they did some shit for Spongebob [in 2001], which is like, ‘Wow!”.

Denzel Curry on the cover of NME

Last week, the surviving members of Pantera announced plans to reunite for a tour in 2023.

Singer Philip Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown have signed a deal with Artist Group International for a series of US tour dates next year.

Pantera, formed in 1981 and disbanded in 2003. In 2004 guitarist Dimebag Darrell was shot dead at the Alrosa Villa in Ohio.

In 2018, Darrell’s brother, Vinnie Paul, died aged 54 from severe coronary artery disease and an enlarged heart.


The band released nine albums during their career including 1990 breakthrough LP ‘Cowboys From Hell’ and 1992 follow up ‘Vulgar Display Of Power’, which featured one of their biggest hits ‘Walk’.

Meanwhile, Curry also revealed to NME that fans had been asking him to make a punk album, an idea he is not a fan of.

It came after he covered Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Bulls On Parade’ for triple J series Like A Version, which he says had fans debating his crossover potential into punk and rock sounds.

“There are people who were super big rock-heads who said, ‘When I heard a rapper was going to cover this, I was very sceptical until I heard it. And you bodied it’,” he said.

Curry added: “Nobody’s ever bodied a Rage Against The Machine cover… I got a lot of praise for it and some people are even asking me to make a punk album, and I’m just not with that. Not now; hell no! A punk album? Fuck no!”

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