DIIV share ‘Deceiver’ demos for the next 24 hours

Exclusively via Bandcamp

DIIV have shared demo versions of all 10 tracks that appear on the band’s latest album ‘Deceiver’ exclusively via Bandcamp, and only for today (October 2).

By and large, these early sketches are slower and more spacious than their comparatively propulsive final versions. Though clearly reminiscent of their studio album equivalents, tracks like ‘The Spark’ and ‘Blankenship’ stretch out languorously and see the band experiment.

“For fans of the record, listen to how the songs were different and how they stayed the same,” reads an accompanying description. “Hear us play sloppy and make stuff up on the spot, it’s a fun listen, we promise.”


The demo album is available for purchase here.

‘Deceiver’, the indie rock outfit’s third studio album, arrived almost a year ago in October 2019 following a period of turmoil for the band that saw them replace bassist Devin Ruben Perez.

In a four-star review, NME said the album saw Zachary Cole Smith and co. share “bruising and distorted grunge ballads about facing the past”.

“Where its predecessor was airy and spaced-out, ‘Deceiver’ packs some seriously heavy riffs, sliding between monster rockers (the scything, fist-swinging ‘Blankenship’) and moon-eyed grunge ballads (opener ‘Horsehead’, for instance) that wouldn’t sound too out of place on an early Smashing Pumpkins record.”

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