Dionne Warwick calls for Britney Spears to be freed from conservatorship

"How in the world could anyone endure what she has been enduring?"

Dionne Warwick has joined calls for the end of Britney Spears‘ conservatorship.

Spears has been in a conservatorship since 2008. Last week (June 23) she gave landmark testimony in which she said she wanted the “abusive” arrangement to end without further evaluation.

The veteran soul singer addressed Spears’ fans directly in a video message posted to her Twitter on Wednesday (June 30) in which she urged that the pop star be freed from “13 years of bondage”.


“My heart goes out to Britney Spears. It really does. I feel her pain. How in the world could anyone endure what she has been enduring?” she said.

Addressing the singer’s fans directly, she said: “Do you realise the amount of work this young lady puts in to bring you joy? Remembering all of those words to the songs she has to sing, the combination of the dances she has to do, getting up at the crack of dawn to do exercises, getting her body and keeping it in shape to make you feel good? And what is it that we feel she is not able to have that kind of joy and feel good to herself [sic]. How fair is that?”

During the court hearing about the conservatorship, which is managed by her father, Jamie, Britney claimed she was forced to tour in 2018 and then commit to a Las Vegas residency with no break in between.

Additionally, the singer alleged that under the arrangement she is banned from getting married and hasn’t been allowed to remove a contraceptive device (IUD).

“Give her back her rights. Give her back her life. Set her free,” concluded Warwick in her video message. “Britney, I feel your pain baby. And I totally agree. Enough. It is enough. May God continue to bless and smile upon you, and give you the wherewithal and strength to continue to fight for your freedom.”


Other acts who have thrown their support behind Britney include Christina Aguilera.

Britney Spears performing 2016
Britney Spears performing in 2016 CREDIT: Getty Images

Meanwhile, the wealth management firm that was set to become the co-conservator of Britney’s estate alongside her father James has asked to withdraw from it.

Bessemer Trust, which manages more than $100billion in assets across its portfolio, filed a new court document yesterday (July 1) in which it requested to resign from the arrangement, citing that it was previously unaware of Britney’s objection to the arrangement.

The news follows a judge’s refusal to remove Britney’s father from her conservatorship on Wednesday (June 30).