Disney releases Filipino versions of ‘Encanto’ songs

The release follows the Filipino launch of Disney+

Disney has freshly released Filipino language versions of songs from its 2021 animated musical film Encanto

On November 17, Disney Music Asia posted Filipino versions of six songs from the Encanto soundtrack to their official YouTube channel, namely: ‘Ang Pamilya Madrigal’ (‘The Family Madrigal’), ‘Wag Ikuwento Si Bruno’ (‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’), ‘Ano Pang Kaya Ko?’ (What Else Can I Do?’), ‘Nas’an Ang Milagro Ko’ (Waiting On A Miracle’), ‘Pag Nagigipit’ (‘Surface Pressure’), and ‘Kayo’ (‘All Of You’).

The tracks were re-recorded by a slate of Filipino vocalists, including Leia portraying the film’s protagonist, Mirabel Madrigal, and others including Owen Caling, Cornelius Bascara, Kenz Ancero, Andrei Ayson, Chi Dato Bocobo, Rowena Raganit, Cathy Go and more.


Watch the official clip for ‘Ang Pamiliya Madrigal’ below.

The following day (November 18), the film’s full soundtrack featuring the six Filipino songs were also released onto Spotify and other streaming platforms.

The YouTube release of Encanto’s songs in Filipino coincided with the launch of Disney+ in the Philippines on the same day, making the country the fourth Southeast Asian nation to receive the streaming platform, after Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Inaugurated in association with Star Networks, Disney+ Philippines enables Filipino audiences access to exclusive entertainment from Disney and its various subsidiary brands, including Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic. Star Network’s involvement will also entail the inclusion of a host of Korean programmes – including the Jisoo-starring Snowdrop and medical-legal drama Doctor Lawyer – alongside other features from 20th Century Studios and ABC.

Prospective users may subscribe to the platform on a monthly or annual basis, for PHP 159 and PHP 1,150 respectively. Find out more details about Disney+ Philippines here.


Encanto was directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard, and follows 15-year-old protagonist Mirabel Madrigal, who belongs to a Colombian family who possess magical powers as a result of a past event despite not having any. When she begins discovering that her family is losing their abilities, she embarks on a quest to discover the source of the disruption and save them.