DJ Khaled teams up with Nas and Jay-Z for lavish ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ visuals

From the producer's star-studded new album 'Khaled Khaled', out today

DJ Khaled has enlisted Nas and Jay-Z for the video for ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, which features on the producer’s new album ‘Khaled Khaled.’

You can watch the video below, which sees the trio living it up at a high stakes blackjack table.


‘Khaled Khaled’ is released today (April 30), and features a slew of big-name collaborations including Drake, Migos, Megan Thee Stallion, H.E.R. and Lil Baby.

Khaled had already previewed ‘Sorry not Sorry’ ahead of the record’s release. The two rappers have teamed up on just three occasions prior to the song: on Nas’ track ‘Black Republicans’ (2006), Jay’s ‘American Gangster’ song ‘Success’ (2007) and Ludacris‘ ‘I Do It for Hip Hop’ (2008), on which they both feature.

Nas discussed the possibility of working with Jay-Z once again during an interview with NME last November.

Yesterday, Khaled also added a last-minute collaboration with Cardi B to the album. “CARDI B VOCALS IS IN!! ALBUM 101% DONE!!!!” he wrote on Twitter, along with a re-edited tracklist.

Khaled also posted a video on Instagram, which shows him in the midst of buying jewellery in celebration of the album’s release when he discovers Cardi returned the “last-minute” record he sent with her vocals. It ends with him leaping into a swimming pool in celebration.