Doves are sharing their new song ‘Forest House’ by ‘leaking’ its sheet music and lyrics to fans

Fans are being invited to interpret the track themselves and share the results online

Doves have ‘leaked’ the sheet music and lyrics to their new song ‘Forest House’, providing fans with a novel way of accessing the band’s latest track by letting them work it out themselves.

The returning three-piece will release their new album ‘The Universal Want’ on September 11 — their first LP together since 2009’s ‘Kingdom of Rust’.

The latest preview of ‘The Universal Want’ has arrived this morning (August 19) with the band sharing the sheet music and lyrics for ‘Forest House’, which will be the closing track on the album.


Doves are calling on musicians of all abilities to interpret the as-yet-unreleased track to see if they can get close to the album version of ‘Forest House’, “or create something wildly and brilliantly off-the-mark”. The song is not expected to be released before the album arrives on September 11.

You can see the first page of sheet music for ‘Forest House’ below, and access the full set here or over on Doves’ social media channels.

Doves - 'Forest House'
Doves – ‘Forest House’

Doves are also inviting their fans to share their interpretations of ‘Forest House’ on social media by using the hashtag #DovesLeak.

The band are offering a reward for the most ear-catching version — whether for its accuracy or innovation — with a signed ‘The Universal Want’ box set and Jimi Goodwin’s original vocals being added to the victorious recording.

“It’s been eleven years since our last album, and we all know how hard the last few month have been, so let’s have a little fun where we can,” the band said about the #DovesLeak campaign.


“Anyone can have a go, even if all they have is an old, beat-up guitar, so let’s see what people can cook up.”

Last month saw Doves announce details of their first venue tour in 12 years which will take place in March and April 2021.

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