Doves’ Jimi Goodwin adds vocals to three fans’ versions of ‘Forest House’

The band 'leaked' sheet music for the song before its release

Back in August, Doves ‘leaked’ the lyrics and sheet music for their then-unreleased track ‘Forest House’, asking fans to perform their own instrumental interpretations.

After calling on musicians of all abilities to interpret the as-yet-unreleased track to see if they could get close to the album version of ‘Forest House’, “or create something wildly and brilliantly off-the-mark,” the band’s singer Jimi Goodwin promised to add his own vocals to the best entry.

After enlisting fans to help pick a winner, the band have selected not one but three versions of ‘Forest House’ as their favourites, and re-shared them with Goodwin’s added vocals.


The first interpretation, by Scottish multi-instrumentalist Nathan Sinclair, is a slick, drum-driven track. Computer scientist and prog musician Sean Bechhofer provided an orchestral piece, while the third winner Mark Lang composed his version entirely on an iPad.

You can take a listen to all three versions above. Sinclair, Bechhofer and Lang have all been sent signed ‘The Universal Want’ box sets as a thank you for taking part.

Doves’ own version of ‘Forest House’ arrived as the final track on ‘The Universal Want’, their first album in over a decade.

On its release in September, ‘The Universal Want’ shot straight to number one, outselling their four nearest rivals combined.

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