Drake and 21 Savage share another fake performance, taking over ‘COLORS’

It follows fake Vogue covers, doctored interview appearances and a parody 'Saturday Night Live' performance

Drake and 21 Savage are continuing their fake press tour by sharing a performance of ‘Privileged Rappers’ from a studio that looks a lot like the one COLORS use.

Last week, the pair starting promoting new collaborative album ‘Her Loss’ by faking Vogue magazine covers, NPR Tiny Desk appearances and updating an old Howard Stern interview.

Since then, Drake and 21 Savage have also parodied Saturday Night Live, sharing a performance of ‘On BS’’ on a similar stage after being introduced by Michael B. Jordan.


Yesterday (November 7), the fake promo trail for ‘Her Loss’ continued with Drake and 21 Savage seemingly taking to COLORS iconic gold room for a performance of ‘Privileged Rappers’

“Privileged Rappers on @colorsxstudios,” Drake captioned the post, with COLORS commenting “Wait…hold up” alongside the eye emoji.


Speaking about his fake interview with Drake and 21 Savage, Howard Stern took to his Sirius FM show and said: “(Drake) did this kinda interesting thing. Instead of doing a press tour, he made up a fake press tour and released it. He even put out a clip of me interviewing him. He edited himself in, to look like he’s in our studio and he’s answering questions from me using clips from a different interview. Drake did such a good job that the news outlets are reporting on it as if it’s real.”

‘Her Loss’ served as Drake and Savage’s debut collaborative full-length project upon its release last Friday (November 4). The rappers had appeared on several tracks together in the past, beginning with the release of ‘Sneakin’ in 2016. They also both appeared on the Juicy J-sampling track ‘Knife Talk’ (from Drake’s solo 2022 album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’), as well as ‘Mr. Right Now’ alongside Metro Boomin.


In a three-star review of the album, NME wrote: “Despite some great beats and some heavy bars, ‘Her Loss’ is underwhelming.”

“The whining misogyny laced throughout the record is a symptom of a wider issue: this album is essentially the sonic imprint of a massively bloated ego. It’s yet more evidence that Drake’s art is suffering under the strain of his obsession with churning out as much music as is physically possible. And while 21 doesn’t have the same problem, both halves of the duo are responsible for an album that had the potential to be a classic, and missed.”

Following the release of ‘Her Loss’, Drake has been criticised for apparently casting doubt over Megan’s alleged shooting in 2020, rapping: “This bitch lie ’bout getting shot / But she still a stallion” on ‘On BS. In response, Megan posted a series of tweets demanding that rappers “stop using [her] shooting for clout.”