Dreamcatcher take home first-ever music show win with ‘Maison’ on ‘Show Champion’

"We will not forget [this win] and work hard for the rest of our lives”

K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher have bagged their first-ever music show win with ‘Maison’ on Show Champion.

The seven-member group had managed to take home their first music show win during the April 20 broadcast of Show Champion, marking the first time the group have ever managed to clinch a win on a South Korean music show since their debut in 2017.

Dreamcatcher beat out Big Bang‘s ‘Still Life’, DKZ’s ‘Cupid’, IVE’s ‘Love Dive’ and SHINee’s Onew’s ‘Dice’ for the first place trophy.


Upon receiving their trophy, the members of Dreamcatcher, delivered their speech with teary eyes, during which they thanked staff members at their label, fellow members, family members and fans.

“We are so grateful to our members and parents. We are here because of InSomnia (Dreamcatcher’s official fanbase), whom we really love. We will not forget and work hard for the rest of our lives,” leader JiU said.

Following the broadcast’s end, the girl group later hosted a V Live livestream session to speak to fans on their win. “Whenever we make a comeback, we’d discuss our goals and we’ve always wanted to win first place [at a music show],” said Sua at one point.

“But this time, it was hard to say we wanted first place because there would be a lot of disappoinment every time. But now what we want has happened and I’m so thankful.”


‘Maison’ is the title track off Dreamcatcher’s sophomore studio album ‘Apocalypse: Save Us’, which dropped last week. Featuring 14 new tracks, the new record is the K-pop group’s first release of 2022, and their first since August 2021’s ‘Summer Holiday’ mini-album.

Dreamcatcher’s last full-length release was 2020’s ‘Dystopia: The Tree of Language’, from which member Handong was absent from due to her participation in Chinese survival programme Youth With You. This makes ‘Apocalypse: Save Me’ their first full-length project as a complete group.