Ebe Dancel releases music video for stirring new ballad ‘Huling Unang Sayaw’

Produced by Rico Blanco, it's his first single of the year

Filipino singer-songwriter Ebe Dancel has released a music video for his latest single titled ‘Huling Unang Sayaw’.

‘Huling Unang Sayaw’ is a stirring mid-tempo rock ballad that wears its heart on its sleeve. Backed by soaring strings, Dancel sings about devotion to a partner. According to a press release, the song is written through the lens of a newly-married couple, caught in the reverie of their first dance.

The music video – shot in black-and-white by Simon Te and released last Friday (January 6) via Widescope Entertainment – attempts to capture the big-hearted resonance of the track.


It follows dancer Mia Cabalfin as she dances alone near the shore of a beach. Dancel is seen in the distance performing with an acoustic guitar. Watch it below:

Te explained that he wanted to “capture the intimate moment of the first dance” with the music video.

“What people see during weddings is two people swaying on a dancefloor,” he elaborates in a press statement, “but I wanted to explore and show what goes on in the millimeters of space between the bride and her partner, as told from her perspective.”

Dancel also praised Cabalfin’s contribution to the project. “I’ve known Mia for about two decades now, and I’m just happy I finally got to work with her,” he said. “She’s a fantastic dancer. I’m so happy she agreed to do it; she was my only choice.”


‘Huling Unang Sayaw’ marks Dancel’s first single of the year. It’s also his third solo single since signing to Widescope Entertainment, where he also works under A&R, and his third recent release to be produced by Rico Blanco. The other two songs are ‘Tanging Kailangan’ and ‘Manatili’.