Elephant Gym announce 12-hour ‘Dreams’ livestream concert this July

9m88 and other acts that featured on the band's recent album 'Dreams' will also perform

Taiwanese math rock band Elephant Gym have announced a 12-hour livestream concert this July.

The 12-hour ‘Dreams’ “online world tour” is scheduled to take place on July 16 at 9am Taiwan time. The event will be simultaneously broadcast to the US on July 15 from 9pm EST onwards.

The concert will take place across three stages at the Cloud Gate Theater in Taipei, Taiwan, per a Spincoaster report, and will include performances from 9m88, Lin Shen Xiang and other artists who featured on Elephant Gym’s ‘Dreams’ album.


The virtual concert will be free-to-view via a series of distributors including MTV Taiwan, and the official YouTube channels for Audiotree and Topshelf Records in the US and Fuji Rock Festival and Spincoaster in Japan.

Per Spincoaster, Elephant Gym opted for this 12-hour livestream in lieu of a world tour in support of their latest album, ‘Dreams’ that had to be scrapped due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Following their 12-hour virtual concert, Elephant Gym will take the stage at Fuji Rock Festival on July 31.

Elephant Gym released ‘Dreams’ in May. NME’s Daniel Peters wrote of the record: “Elephant Gym range further beyond math rock than they have before, fuelled by their restless creativity, unrelenting drive to refine their abilities, and the emotional engine of their songwriting”.

“In the music world, there are no boundaries between styles. There are no boundaries between the form of art and your imagination,” band member Tell said in an interview with NME. “We’re trying to prove by ourselves that, as long as you can accept, or respect, the other side of the world, or the other side of your creation, then your world will be much more interesting. That diversity is from respecting and loving each other.”