Elephant Kind announce new album with single ‘Modern Romance Dreaming (Lonely)’

The Indonesian indie band bounce back after an uncertain year

Indonesian indie rock band Elephant Kind have returned with the new single ‘Modern Romance Dreaming (Lonely)’.

The danceable tune is the first single off ‘Superblue’, their upcoming third studio album and follow-up to 2019’s ‘The Greatest Ever’.

On the new track, the band pursue a shimmering new sound dominated by synth arpeggios and a larger-than-life chorus. Listen to ‘Modern Romance Dreaming (Lonely)’ below.


Elephant Kind comprise Bam Mastro (vocals/guitars), Bayu Adisapoetra (drums) and Kevin Septanto (bass). The upcoming album marks the first time all three members were involved with songwriting, where previous releases were led by Bam.

The song explores the mechanisms of modern romance, delivering an upbeat track that celebrates loneliness over virtual distance. Kevin said in a press statement that he drafted the song on his own, with synth and drum parts written at home.

“At first I wasn’t sure whether the draft I made could be a song. But then I decided to send out what I had to the rest of the guys, and I asked whether we can make something out of it,” he said, adding that Bam proceeded to finish up the song with lyrics.

The album also arrives as an affirmation for the band, who state in a press release that Elephant Kind’s future was rendered uncertain by the pandemic. “This album saved Elephant Kind,” said Bam. “If it weren’t for us making the album this year, we might have gone our separate ways and done other things.”


A music video for ‘Modern Romance Dreaming (Lonely)’ will arrive on June 4. ‘Superblue’ is due for release later this year.