Watch Elton John’s psych-tinged video for previously unheard song ‘Regimental Sgt. Zippo’

The song was meant to be the title track of his unreleased debut album

Elton John has shared the video for his previously unreleased, psych-tinged track ‘Regimental Sgt. Zippo’.

The song was the title track of what was intended to be his debut album in 1969, but the record was never released.

Now, the star has shared the rarity with fans for the first time ahead of the release of his new eight-disc collection ‘Elton: Jewel Box’.


The song and the video both showcase inspiration from The Beatles during their psychedelic era. The track tells the story of a boy wanting to be like his army father “if he can”.

“From the album that never was… Regimental Sgt. Zippo was going to be the title track of my unreleased debut album in 1969,” John wrote on Twitter. “You can find it on my upcoming Jewel Box!” Watch it below now.


‘Jewel Box’ marks John’s 50th anniversary in music and will feature demos, rarities and deep cuts, including over 60 previously unreleased tracks. It will be released on November 13.

“To delve back through every period of my career in such detail for ‘Jewel Box’ has been an absolute pleasure,” John explained when the release was announced last month. “Hearing these long lost tracks again, I find it hard to comprehend just how prolific Bernie [Taupin] and I were during the early days.”


Earlier this week, meanwhile, Rod Stewart said the musician had turned down his offer to end their ongoing feud. The two stars fell out after Stewart criticised John’s farewell tour and said his Rocketman biopic was “not very flattering”.