Ely Buendia reacts to fan outrage about “the truth” that Eraserheads members “were never close” friends

"The music is all that matters, have you forgotten about that, and who wrote most of it?"

Former Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia has responded to fan outrage prompted by remarks he made on a podcast that the beloved band “were never close” friends.

Buendia made headlines yesterday (May 27) for comments he made in March on the podcast Wake Up With Jim & Saab when they discussed the fan-favourite song ‘Minsan’, which Buendia admitted he found “cringe-worthy”.

Explaining his reaction, Buendia said, “It’s about fans… I was kind of sick of fans saying, when the Eheads broke up, ‘You’re friends, you shouldn’t have [broken] up. You made us feel bad.’ I was sick of that. I think everything points to that song. That’s what they reference all the time.”


The Filipino musician then went on to say that though Eraserheads had “a very, very good working relationship” and their run “was good while it lasted”, the band – comprising Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raymund Marasigan – were never close friends.

“What fans didn’t know, what the public didn’t know [is] we were never – okay, I don’t want to break any hearts again… We were never close, we were never friends, as in tight friends. That’s why we broke up,” he said.

Buendia responded to fan outrage over his comments on Thursday. “Big deal, still? Why hate on people who want to tell the truth?” he asked on Twitter.

“I didn’t ask to be interviewed, nanahimik na nga ko dito eh living a happy life kayo yung makulit about the Eheads. The music is all that matters, have you forgotten about that, and who wrote most of it? just sayin.”

In another tweet, Buenda added: “Lol it’s also weird that I have more Ehead fans who hate me than DDS”, referring to Diehard Duterte Supporters. “Priorities, I guess.”


Buendia tweeted again earlier today, this time responding to the media circus around his comments on the Eraserheads. “Never talked shit about anyone during Jim and Saab’s podcast, I can even say I was gracious,” he wrote. “But websites need clickbait, and unfortunately people don’t read…”

Buendia also deleted the aforementioned tweets he made yesterday. “Never had to delete tweets before but there’s always a first time right?” he quipped.

In the same episode of Wake Up With Jim & Saab, Buendia dispelled an urban myth about the Eraserheads song ‘Spoliarium’, revealing that its “actual meaning is really mundane”.

In March, Buendia dropped a new single titled ‘Metro’, a song highlighting abuse of power and bad governance released for the We Need A Leader 2022 voter awareness campaign.