Ely Buendia says Eraserheads reunion possible “if Leni runs” for Philippines national elections

The president of the Liberal Party later joked that if an Eheads reunion was on the cards, Robredo might actually file her candidacy as promptly as possible

When recently asked about an Eraserheads reunion, ex-frontman Ely Buendia has stipulated one personal condition: if current Philippine vice president Leni Robredo runs in the upcoming national elections.

Buendia said as much earlier today (September 28) during the Q&A session held on Twitter to promote his upcoming virtual concert, Ely Buendia And Nobody’s Home: Superproxies. In response to a fan who asked if there was hope for a reunion of his former band Eraserheads, he answered, “Pag tumakbo si Leni” (“If Leni runs”).


Later on, Buendia tweeted an all-caps, crystal-clear disclaimer noting that his political opinions are his own and that he doesn’t represent the views of the other Eraserheads members.

A few hours after the tweet, president of the Liberal Party and senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan jokingly reacted to Buendia’s statement, saying that if an Eheads reunion was on the cards, LP stalwart Robredo might actually file her candidacy as early as October 1, the first day of filing.

Buendia, who contributed a song to the 2022 voter awareness campaign We Need A Leader in March, is not the first local personality to throw his support behind Robredo. Celebrities and artists came together in support of the vice president’s bid for candidacy as Team Leni Robredo in June this year, at an event that saw performances by Gracenote, Moonstar88, Ebe Dancel and more.

After tweeting about Leni, Buendia gave another reply to the same fan query about an Eheads reunion, this time saying he’d consider if beloved indie trio IV Of Spades came back from their hiatus as well.


Elsewhere in the Q&A, Buendia also addressed fans who asked about the probability of releasing albums with his other bands The Oktaves and Pupil. The other Oktaves members are currently busy, he said, while Pupil is on an indefinite hiatus.

In May, Buendia responded to fans who were upset by a statement he made on a podcast that the members of Eraserheads “were never close” friends. “Big deal, still? Why hate on people who want to tell the truth?” he asked on Twitter.