Ely Buendia says Eraserheads reunion tweet was a “half serious joke”

People turned his tweet about a Eraserheads reunion and Leni Robredo "into a big deal", the former frontman said

Ely Buendia has poured cold water on fans’ hopes that Eraserheads could get back together, calling his recent tweet about a potential reunion a “half serious joke”.

Last month, Buendia replied to a fan asking about an Eheads reunion “Pag tumakbo si Leni” – “If Leni runs”, meaning if current Philippines vice president Leni Robredo runs for office in the upcoming national elections.

Last week, Robredo announced her candidacy, prompting cheeky anticipation of an Eraserheads reunion on social media.


Buendia has since addressed the tweet in a press conference for his virtual concert Superproxies, clarifying that it was largely made in jest. “That answer was far from a political post. I do respect and admire Leni. If I were to vote, she’s my top candidate right now. That tweet was a half serious joke maybe, but people made it into a big deal,” he said, as quoted by ABS-CBN.

Eraserheads’ former drummer Raymund Marasigan has also said he was unaware of the so-called plans to reunite the band.

“Let’s just address it here para isang sagutan na lang – one, I do not know of anything. If it’s anything about the ‘Heads playing together, my policy is tell me about it when I’m ready to sign and rehearse,” Marasigan said in response to queries by fans, per ABS-CBN.

Marasigan also noted that Buendia’s tweet should not be taken at face value, saying: “Sometimes, the meaning is beyond the tweet.” The former drummer added that he “thought it was funny” that the band was being politically tagged.

Besides the tweet about Robredo, Buendia gave two other playful answers when quizzed on the possibility of the band reuniting, including “Jesus should come back”, and the return of IV of Spades, who are on hiatus.


Following fans’ reactions to Buendia’s cheeky tweet about Eraserheads’ reunion, the artist took to social media once again on October 10 to clarify that his original remark was a “frivolous” joke, but he’s “dead serious about our people’s future”.

Buendia continued in a separate tweet, saying that despite some fans not sharing the same political views as him, “for a few mins we found a common ground and that is humanity. This is something we all share, and something that must resonate the most in a leader”.

Dashed reunion hopes aside, the Eraserheads’ ‘Sabado/1995’ EP is getting a vinyl release. Last week, the label Offshore Music unveiled related merchandise in collaboration with the clothing brand Continue.

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Posted by Offshore Music on Friday, October 8, 2021