Emerging K-pop group Weeekly say they are inspired by LOONA

“Just like LOONA, I want to put on a new stage at every moment” said Jihan

K-pop group Weeekly recently showed their love for fellow K-pop girl group LOONA, citing them as an inspiration.

In a recent interview with BNT, the South Korean girl group, which formed in 2020, shared their thoughts on their performances and success, revealing their inspirations and stories.

Member Jihan expressed her love for fellow idol group LOONA, and she confessed a photo of LOONA’s Olivia Hye is kept in her phone case. She also shared her desire to follow in LOONA’s footsteps. “Just like [LOONA], who always show a variety of stages in their performances, I want Weeekly to try new concepts,” said the vocalist.


Just six months after their debut, Weeekly received an award for Best New Female Artist during the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards. “More than anything, we were grateful for the people around us,” said Soojin, the group’s leader. “It reminded me that from now on, we would be starting anew and embarking on a new journey.”


Weeekly is known for their distinct choreography, which often involves props to tell the stories behind their songs. “For every stage, we always try to show different movements and situations,” said Monday, Weeekly’s main dancer. The group gained attention with their sophomore single ‘Zig Zag’, which incorporated the use of 10-pound cubes in its choreography.

“Personally, I do a lot of research on performance. It’s a pity I can’t always show a stage that is 100% perfect,” shared member Jiyoon.


Monday also revealed the story behind her unique stage name: “I actually heard about my stage name before our group name, and thought it was just interesting. After hearing our group name, I was convinced of why my stage name was ‘Monday’.”

The impact of LOONA has been far-reaching these days, with the girl group recently named national ambassadors by the country’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.