ena mori endures isolation at home in ‘Oh, Bleeding Hearts?’ music video

The single is the first taste of her upcoming album

Filipino-Japanese artist ena mori has unveiled a music video for ‘Oh, Bleeding Hearts?’, her recent single and first taste of her upcoming album.

The synth-pop single, released via Offshore Music, was released last month. The video – directed by Daniel Aguilar – was issued on Sunday (October 17).

It shows ena mori waking up in a mysterious bedroom one morning where she is trapped. Lights begin to flicker erratically – and furniture left in disarray – as the singer-songwriter struggles to keep her sanity intact.


Watch the music video for ‘Oh, Bleeding Hearts?’ below.

According to a social media post by ena mori, the music video was shot in her home. “I’ve always thought shooting a music video in my tiny house was impossible.. but we did it,” she wrote.

‘Oh, Bleeding Hearts?’ was co-produced by ena mori and timothy Run, the drummer of One Click Straight.

The single is the first track off her upcoming debut album, which will be released in the first quarter of 2022, per a prior press release. The album, which will consist of 12 tracks, is set to roll out as a vinyl release.


Last year, ena mori issued her self-titled EP, which was one of NME’s 25 best Asian albums of 2020. Writer MC Galang praised ena mori’s “confidence that makes her brand of pop sensibility exhilarating, even a little dangerous, for those who can’t handle it”.

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