ena mori releases glistening new single, ‘Oh, Bleeding Hearts?’

The first single from her upcoming debut album, scheduled for 2022

Filipino-Japanese artist ena mori has released ‘Oh, Bleeding Hearts?’, her latest single and the first taste of her upcoming debut album, via Offshore Music.

The glistening synth-pop single is driven by a propulsive energy – ena mori amplifies a soft cry for communion with a soaring chorus for arenas.

On the track, she sings evocatively about the “sound of the children eyes looking around” and “when the strong is tired of dimes / and the weak is blinded by lies”, summing up her personal frustrations with worldly urgency and emphatic pop melody.


Listen to ‘Oh, Bleeding Hearts?’, co-produced by ena mori and timothy Run (also the drummer of One Click Straight), below.

ena mori revealed in a press statement that the track is about “ignorance.”

“I have always been very silent when it comes to my own opinion and views,” she explained. “I wrote ‘Oh, Bleeding Hearts?’ to remind myself that I am still ignorant. In a world [where] we have access to so much information, I didn’t understand why I felt so useless in society.

“It will always be a question to me what I can do to change the world. I wrote this song to express my frustration with my ignorance, thinking that someone can relate to what I’ve been feeling.”

‘Oh, Bleeding Hearts?’ is the first track off her upcoming debut album, which will be released in the first quarter of 2022, per a press release. The album, which will consist of 12 tracks, is set to roll out as a vinyl release.


Earlier this year, ena mori released ‘TALK! TALK!’ with a DIY music video shot on an iPhone. The singer-songwriter first debuted in 2018 with a series of singles before her 2020 self-titled EP.

‘ena mori’ was nominated for the Asian Songwriter Award category at Taiwan’s 11th Golden Indie Music Awards in October. The EP also made NME’s list of the 25 best Asian albums of 2020.