Endah N Resa have released four short discography retrospective songs as NFTs

The songs are named after the four albums the duo released from 2009 to 2019

Indonesian indie duo Endah N Rhesa have released four album retrospective songs as NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Joining the likes of fellow Indonesian artists Andra Ramadhan and Once Mekel in the Web3 trend, Rhesa Aditya and Endah Widiastuti have released four minute-long songs named after the four albums the duo released from 2009 to 2019, ‘Nowhere to Go’, ‘Look What We’ve Found’, ‘Escape’, and ‘Regenerate’.

The songs are only available as limited-editions NFTs on the OBJKT NFT marketplace for 3 Tezos, or USD 3.94 at the time of writing. Each NFT song is limited to 33 prints and features the cover of the album the song is based on animated by Aditya, though fans can hear the songs in full by visiting Endah N Rhesa’s OBJKT page.


In a statement to Hai Online, Widiastuti explained the duo’s decision to embrace Web3 and blockchain technology, saying, ‎”We wanted to respond to technological developments and blockchain with new works that have a sense of nostalgia.”

‎”Every studio album concept we’ve ever released has its own colour and musical character. The summary of that can be enjoyed through these new works.”

Aditya added that the length of the songs was intentional as they served as retrospectives of the album that ‎”summarise, reminisce, give an outline of the content of each album”, noting that the choice was also made so that people can easily buffer the data when they want to play the songs.

The Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan-based duo have released five studio albums and one live album, with their last single coming in the form of last year’s ‘Di Ujung Pelangi’, released in May. They have picked up several Anugerah Musik Indonesia awards through their nearly 20-year career in music, including Best Folk/Country/Ballad for ‘Ruang Bahagia’ at the 2017 ceremony.