ENHYPEN’s Heeseung unveils emotional solo rendition of ‘Tamed-Dashed’

He also performed IU’s 2017 song ‘Secret Garden’ with Lee Mu-jin

ENHYPEN vocalist Heeseung recently performed a solo version of his boyband’s hit single ‘Tamed-Dashed’.

Yesterday (June 7), the K-pop idol singer made a guest appearance on the Lee Mu-jin Service show, an online music series hosted by singer-songwriter Lee Mu-jin. During his time on the program, Heeseung performed a abridged piano rendition of his group’s song ‘Tamed-Dashed’.

Scorching sun show me the way / My compass please don’t leave me now,” Heeseung crooned on the chorus. In a brief interview about the track, Heeseung explained that “a lot of people know this song as a rhythmical song, but I tried to slow down the tempo and sing it in a conceptual way”.


Apart from ‘Tamed-Dashed’, during Heeseung’s appearance on the series, the singer also covered Crush’s 2014 single ‘Sofa’ and George’s 2019 release ‘Camping Everywhere’. To cap off the show, Heeseung and Lee shared the stage to perform a duet of IU’s 2017 song, ‘Secret Garden’.

Earlier this year, Heeseung performed a snippet of Justin Bieber’s 2021 song ‘Off My Face’ during ENHYPEN’s set at the KPOP.FLEX festival in Frankfurt, Germany. Soon after the festival’s end, he took to ENHYPEN’s official YouTube account to share a full version of his cover.

Along with his ENHYPEN teammates, Heeseung also previously appeared on ELLE’s popular ‘Song Association’ series, where they performed songs from their studio album ‘Dimension : Dilemma’, as well as its repackaged version ‘Dimension : Answer’.

During the segment, the boyband also covered hits from Harry Styles (‘Watermelon Sugar’), SEVENTEEN (‘Ready To Love’), Justin Bieber (‘Hold On’), BTS (‘Butter’), TWICE (‘Signal’), SHINee (‘Dream Girl’), Crayon Pop (‘Bar Bar Bar’) and more.