Eraserheads fans express fresh hopes for band reunion after Leni Robredo presidency bid

Last month, former frontman Ely Buendia told a fan asking about an Eheads reunion that it was possible "if Leni runs"

Leni Robredo has announced her candidacy in the upcoming Philippine elections, spurring fresh hope in Eraserheads fans that ex-frontman Ely Buendia could reunite the band.

Last month, during a Q&A promoting his virtual concert, Ely Buendia And Nobody’s Home: Superproxies, a fan asked the former Eraserheads frontman what it would take for the band to reunite. Buendia replied, “Pag tumakbo si Leni” (“If Leni runs”).


Yesterday (October 7), Robredo, who is currently the vice president of the Philippines, officially announced her bid for the presidency. Since then, fans on social media have been vocally and cheekily anticipating an Eheads reunion.

A journalist noted that at the Quezon City Reception House – where Robredo made her official announcement – several Eraserheads songs were played before her appearance.


While Buendia noted shortly after his tweet about Robreo that his political views do not represent that of Eraserheads as a whole, One News PH posted on Twitter that former Eraserheads bassist Buddy Zabala has shown his support for the politician on Instagram.

Buendia will take the stage in his first-ever virtual concert, Ely Buendia And Nobody’s Home: Superproxies, tomorrow (October 9). Buendia’s son, Eon, will take part in the concert as the vocalist of featured band Nobody’s Home.

Though Buendia will be performing to an empty venue for the virtual show, he told Philstar that he doesn’t mind. “There was a time, back in the day, there were only two people watching us when The Eraserheads was still a struggling band playing at Club Dredd in Quezon City. That’s not a new thing for me.”

Apart from the concert, Buendia has been working on the vinyl release of the ‘Sabado/1995’ EP, also known as “The Esquire Recordings”, which were Eraserheads’ first recordings in over a decade in 2014.

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