Ex-Dewa 19 frontman Ari Lasso releases new single, ‘Malaikat itu Nyata’

A music video accompanies Lasso’s first solo single since 2019

Indonesian singer-songwriter Ari Lasso, the former frontman of rock band Dewa 19, has released a new single ‘Malaikat itu Nyata’ via MyMusic Records.

The single – translated as ‘Angels Are Real’ – is his first solo release since the 2019 single, ‘Terlalu Berarti’. The heartfelt rock track is an old-school anthem of devotion.

Ternyata malaikat itu nyata / Buktinya ada di depan mata / Tak peduli apapun kata mereka / Engkaulah malaikat di hidupku” he sings in its explosive chorus, translated as “Turns out angels are real / The proof is right in front of your eyes / No matter what they say / You are the angel in my life.”


‘Malaikat itu Nyata’ arrived with an equally dramatic music video that opens on a couple arguing. But later on, they reunite to make up after recalling their happier moments together.

Watch it below.

The single marks a brief period of inactivity for Lasso, who recently underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumour.

New Straits Times reported last month that the musician – diagnosed with stage 2 lymphoma cancer – has been going for chemotherapy treatment in Singapore. In the meantime, Lasso has also been kept busy by posting periodic vlogs on his YouTube page.


Lasso previously served as frontman in Dewa 19 from 1991 to 1999, performing on their first four albums: 1992’s self-titled debut, 1994’s ‘Format Masa Depan’, 1995’s ‘Terbaik-Terbaik’, and 1997’s ‘Pandawa Lima’.

Since then, he has released four solo albums, the last being 2006’s ‘Selalu Ada’.