Ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy sends “incredible” Indonesian YouTuber new drum kit

YouTuber Deden Noy had shared several Dream Theater drum covers performed on a kit made from water jugs, paint buckets and pot lids

Dream Theater drum covers by Indonesian YouTuber Deden Pramana have gotten the attention of the band’s former drummer Mike Portnoy – who’s arranged to send Deden a new drum kit.

Deden, who goes by Deden Noy on YouTube, has been making waves by posting drum covers on the platform. He notably performs on a DIY drum kit – which is made out of water jugs, paint buckets, and pot lids, costing a total of IDR100,000, according to an interview with Suara.

He posted his first cover on the homemade kit nine months ago, and now boasts over 34,000 subscribers. Deden, who resides in South Bengkulu in Indonesia, has shared several covers of Dream Theater songs, including ‘Metropolis – Part I’ and ‘Under A Glass Moon’. His take on the former has raked in nearly a million views, and is his most popular video to date.


Now, he’s caught the attention of Mike Portnoy, who’d been sent Deden’s videos by hundreds of people worldwide. “His talents are indeed incredible,” Portnoy said of Deden on social media yesterday (March 17).

The veteran drummer also said that he is in the process of securing a brand-new drum kit for the Indonesian, with the help of brands TAMA Drums and Sabian.

As reported by Coconuts Indonesia, Pramana expressed his delight at Portnoy’s praise and support, writing on Instagram: “A morning surprise, it feels like a dream. Thank you all for your support all this time.”


Portnoy’s involvement comes months after an American fan named Renan Sanchez began a GoFundMe campaign to buy Deden a new drum kit. However, the campaign did not reach its US$1,500 goal.

In an update to the campaign, Sanchez wrote that Portnoy had gotten in touch with him to arrange for a new drum kit to be delivered to Deden. He also announced that all funds donated to the campaign had been transferred to Deden, and that the campaign will be closed.

“All the amounts donated so far were already transferred to Deden’s account so we won’t be able to issue any refunds, however, I’m sure that the amount raised by us will be very beneficial to help support him as he lives in a very remote village in Indonesia.”

Besides Dream Theater, Deden has also covered Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ and Toto’s ‘Rosanna’, among other rock and metal classics.