Ex-Sheila On 7 drummer Brian Kresno Putro announces return of former band Tiket

Brian announced his departure from Sheila On 7 earlier this year on May 10

Former Sheila On 7 drummer Brian Kresno Putro has announced the return of his previous band Tiket.

The band announced their return with the reveal of their new lineup with an Instagram post on August 10, revealing Brian alongside Tiket bandmates Aqi Singgih, bassist Opet Alatas and guitarist Arden Wiebowo. The band have yet to reveal any further plans, only writing in their caption; “A New Day… A New Blessing… A New Hope… Wish us luck…”


First formed by Opet and Arden as the band GLOW in 1999, Brian and Aqi would go on to join the band in 2000 after a series of name and personnel changes transformed the band in the Tiket known to Indonesian fans today. Tiket are best known for their 2001 alt-rock hit ‘Abadilah’, releasing a total of seven albums including a 2013 ‘Best Of’ compilation.

Notably, Aqi and Brian would leave the group after releasing their second album ‘Sebuah Anugerah’ in 2003, with Aqi going on to join the band Alexa and Brian moving on to Sheila On 7. Opet and Arden would continue the band with a revolving door of members, with Opet being the only founding member of the group during the release of their last album in 2017’s ‘Istimewa’.

Listen to Tiket’s ‘Abadilah’ below.

The band announced Brian’s departure from Sheila On 7 earlier this year on May 10 after 18 years together with the group. Sheila On 7 bassist and manager Adam Subarkah said that while it was unclear why the drummer decided to leave, the band had held a long discussion with Brian before determining that allowing him to leave was the best course of action.

Speculation that Brian had left the band began when the Sheila On 7 Instagram account posted a video of the band – without Brian – thanking fans on their 26th anniversary on May 8. Several commenters noticed the absence of the longtime member, who first joined the band as a touring drummer replacing founding member Anton Widiastanto in 2004 before officially joining Sheila On 7 in 2006.


Brian has since spoken out about his departure in an interview with YouTube channel Drum N Drum, sharing that the group essentially fired him. “Suddenly, I got a call from someone, a manager,” he told the channel. “They told me, Sheila On 7 wants to continue on, though they don’t have any plans yet. But if they continue on, they didn’t want to do it with me.”

Brian then says that he made a trip to Jogyakarta to meet with the band to sort things out upon getting the call, but did not get a positive response. He was forced to sign a letter resigning from the band, he alleges.

Sheila On 7 have since unofficially revealed new drummer Bounty Ramdhan at the recent Jogja Volkswagen Festival.

Frontman Akhdiyat Duta Mojo also revealed at the festival that Sheila On 7 guitarist Eross Candra had written several new songs for the band during the pandemic. “I’m still waiting for the tracks, Eross has been keeping the songs he wrote over the past two years secret,” he shared, adding, “So let’s just wait and see what he has in store for us.”