EXO’s Sehun’s Jakarta fanmeet cut short due to overcrowding

Police advised attendees to immediately disperse after the event due to security concerns

EXO member Sehun’s fanmeet in Jakarta last weekend was reportedly cut short due to security reasons concerning the crowd at Central Park Mall.

Local media platform Berita Satu reported that the free fanmeet was scheduled during a product launch event with local skincare brand Whitelab, where Sehun made an appearance during the event as the brand’s ambassador.

Thousands of fans reportedly flocked to the mall for the event, blocking out exits and pathways for other shoppers. The fanmeet was brought to an end just a few minutes after Sehun’s arrival due to concerns over overcrowding and crowd safety.


Whitelab has since released a statement in Indonesian regarding the event. The brand shared that it was advised by officials to shorten the event following concerns on attendees and mall goers’ safety and security. It also apologised to fans, saying that it had underestimated the number of attendees for the event.

In a statement provided to Detik News, Taufik Ikhsan, Head of Public Relations of the West Jakarta Police, clarified that the police did not cancel the event, rather that they advised attendees to immediately disperse after Sehun’s appearance.

The event is the latest instance of overcrowding in Indonesia recently. In late October, Jakarta’s Berdendang Bergoyang festival was cut short on its second day due to overcrowding. According to reports, the organisers sold more tickets than the venue’s capacity of 10,000, ending up with a crowd of over 20,000 attendees each on the first and second days. Jakarta Police later stepped in to shut down the second day of the festival, with its third day being scrapped altogether.

The event has since had a ripple effect in the concert and festival scene in Jakarta, with concert organiser body Asosiasi Promotor Musik Indonesia (APMI) claiming that major upcoming festivals such as Djakarta Warehouse Project and Head In The Clouds could face cancellation over the potential failure to secure permits following the overcrowding at Berdendang Bergoyang festival.

Djakarta Warehouse Project has since announced that it will comply with the Indonesian government’s event guidelines, while Head In The Clouds has announced a selection of new acts joining its lineup.


The first of two NCT 127 concerts in Jakarta last weekend was also brought to an abrupt end after fans began rushing the stage, causing multiple attendees to faint. The second day of the concert series went ahead as planned with additional security and medical support.