Ez Mil cancels ‘Panalo’ tour homecoming concert after tour producer withdraws

The 'Panalo: Homecoming Concert' in Olongapo City was scheduled to be held on August 13

Las Vegas-based Filipino rapper Ez Mil has cancelled his ‘Panalo Homecoming Concert’ in Olongapo City after the tour producer withdrew.

In a statement posted on his Instagram on August 5, the rapper’s team at FFP Records and his agency Cerebrum Collective apologised to fans and said that they had exhausted all efforts to hold the concert before deciding to announce the cancellation. The ‘Panalo Homecoming Concert’ in Olongapo City was scheduled to be held on August 13.

“Our management has always been keen on maintaining our part of the agreement as Ez himself wanted to perform in front of his hometown, in front of his audience,” the statement continues, “but he was denied that opportunity when the producer of the tour, MAK Entertainment, withdrew their producing services for the concert.”


“We can only hope we can bring Ez back to finish what we started, to complete the tour and perform for his people,” the statement concluded. Ez Mil himself shared the announcement with the caption “Babalik ako. Pramis,” meaning, “I’ll be back. I promise.”

An additional statement posted on the Ez Mil Homecoming Tour website states that MAK Entertainment will issue a complete refund for all tickets purchased for the cancelled concert. Those who purchased tickets from a ticket seller other than MAK Entertainment will have to contact that outlet regarding refunds.

In a recent interview with NME, the rapper, who is set to release his upcoming sophomore album ‘DU4LI7Y’ later this year, spoke about the effect his controversial viral single ‘Panalo’ had on his perceptions of himself, saying, “I would say I’m not too outspoken about just saying anything and anyone’s name to get a reaction… Now you’ve found your platform, you do have to be careful with how you say things because now the kids are listening.”

Ez Mil released ‘Panalo (Trap Cariñosa)’ in July 2020 as part of his debut album ‘Act 1’. However, the track went viral in the Philippines in January 2021 after the rapper performed the track on the Wish USA Bus. While many praised the rapper for the hard-hitting Pinoy pride anthem, the track was also criticised for an inaccurate historical claim about Filipino hero Lapu-Lapu which resulted in the National Historical Commission of the Philippines issuing a statement on the track.