Fariz Jabba, Akeem Jahat and other Singaporean rappers remix FORCEPARKBOIS’ ‘Lotus’

The take on the posse cut by Malaysian hip-hop group from across the causeway

A line-up of Singaporean rappers, including Fariz Jabba and Akeem Jahat, have banded together for their own spin on ‘Lotus’, the posse cut by Malaysian hip-hop group FORCEPARKBOIS.

The eight-minute cut also boasts rappers OmarKENOBI, MIIKOTHE13TH, AE$OP CA$H, Frank Loco and YHB Sleepsalot, along with singer-songwriter Khally and prominent comedian Fakkah Fuzz. Watch the visual for the remix below, made by Kidmeddling of Island Boys.


‘Lotus’ was recorded as a definitive track for FORCEPARKBOIS, which counts 15 members in its ranks. This remix was made as a demonstration of Singaporean hip-hop while the country’s borders remain closed. Fakkah Fuzz wrote on an Instagram post, “We don’t get to cross borders to JB nowadays but we still wanna show love!”

This is the second remix of ‘Lotus’ done in recent weeks, with the first surfacing as an “all star remix” featuring SonaOne, Guccimith, and more.

Khally posted a clip of the group performing along the recorded track in the studio, while OmarKENOBI shared a picture of them, writing, “singaporean excellence. hip hop lives on.”

Akeem Jahat, on the other hand, has been hunkering down working on new music. Last March’s ‘Hollywoodlands’ was followed up by a collaboration with THELIONCITYBOY at the end of April, ‘Supermodel’.