.Feast lay out their musical universe in Instagram project, tease next album ‘Membangung & Menghancurkan’

The ‘Multisemesta’ charts the concepts of the Indonesian band's existing albums – and makes room for future works

Indonesian rock band .Feast have unveiled a new project hosted entirely on Instagram – and teased their next album, ‘Membangung & Menghancurkan’.

Dubbed the Multisemesta, the multimedia project charts the conceptual journey explored in .Feast’s EPs and albums, including ‘Membangung & Menghancurkan’, their next full-length via label Sun Eater.

The Multisemesta consists of several Instagram accounts documenting the band’s own semi-fictional universe that reflect Indonesia’s socio-political realities.


The primary Multisemesta page leads to accounts belonging to different versions of Earth, with an EP or album representing each dimension. Where some have imagery related to the relevant release, others only have question marks and “error” images, pointing towards future recorded works.

So far, the band have released 2017 full-length debut ‘Multiverses’, which relates to “Earth-03”, the 2018 EP ‘Beberapa Orang Memaafkan’ (“Earth-02”), and their 2020 mini-album, ‘Uang Muka’ (“Earth-08”).

Their next album ‘Membangung & Menghancurkan’, which is slated for release later this year, will tell the tale of “Earth-05”. Some of the imagery on the Earth-05 Instagram account include a symbol that combines the Greek letters of alpha and omega, as well as a photo of Indonesian dancers wearing N-95 face masks.

One post describes the planet’s dystopian existence: “Earth-05 is built on top of what has now been inevitably destroyed by our intolerance & intensity towards another’s opposing beliefs. In here, everyone now has their own god in order to maintain peace & avoid the terrors that may repeat itself again.”



The Multisemesta was first outlined in the limited edition booklet packaged with ‘Multiverses’. Their label Sun Eater released the book Antologi Matahari in 2020, which helped expand on the band’s narrative ambitions for fans.

“At last! After years of being asked to explain about Multisemesta, there’s now a comprehensive answer that has been neatly archived for all to access without having to purchase our debut album nor book,” the band said in a statement.

“We hope that these accounts will provide clarity to the concepts that have always been on our minds as .Feast. Now you don’t have to second guess the interpretations you get from our albums’ visuals.”

In an interview with NME last year, the band talked about the political themes in their work. “To be honest, when we started doing music, we had no idea how we wanted our songs to be – there was no conscious effort to start a band and make music that is political,” frontman Baskara Putra said. “But all that we do comes from a personal and honest place, from the things that we see and we feel.”