.Feast release expanded edition of ‘Abdi Lara Insani’

Three new tracks have been added to the April release

Indonesian rockers .Feast have released the “complete edition” of their mini-album ‘Abdi Lara Insani’, which was released in April. 

Today (August 31), the Jakarta band have re-released ‘Abdi Lara Insani’ with the addition of 3 new songs: ‘Lagu Kritik Lagi’ (‘Another Critical Song’), the interlude ‘Orang-Orang yang Berubah’ and ‘Jangan Ikut Campur’ (‘Do Not Interfere’). 

‘Lagu Kritik Lagi’ pairs synthwave-influenced production with grunge guitar riffs, as politically charged lyricism takes centerstage (“Semua tahu keadaan tak akan berubah / Setiap hari bodoh dan tamakmu semakin parah”). The two-minute electronic instrumental ‘Orang-Orang yang Berubah’ seamlessly segues into the fiery ‘Jangan Ikut Campur’, which features upbeat tempos and drop-tuned guitars. 


Listen to ‘Abdi Lara Insani: Edisi Lengkap’ below: 

According to a press release, the 11 tracks complete the story of the mini-album’s titular protagonist, an activist who transforms into a power-hungry politician. In NME’s four-star review of ‘Abdi Lara Insani’s’ initial release, Marcel Thee praised the album’s narrative structure, stating that “with their fanbase and career secure, it’s time their storytelling dares to ruffle some more feathers”.

‘Abdi Lara Insani: Edisi Lengkap’ is .Feast’s sophomore full-length release, following their 2017 debut album ‘Multiverses’. ‘Abdi Lara Insani’ is the five-piece’s third mini-album, following 2020’s ‘Uang Muka’ and 2018’s ‘Beberapa Orang Memaafkan’. The April release featured five tracks of reworked older material alongside three new songs, ‘Bintang Massa Aksi’, ‘Jaya’ and ‘Senin Toko Tutup’. 

In July, the band released ‘Dunia Terbalik’ in collaboration with Netflix Indonesia in promotion of the fourth season of hit series Stranger Things, which was accompanied by a music video featuring the band performing in sets inspired by the show. .Feast are also slated to perform in October’s Synchronize Fest, alongside 136 other Indonesian acts including Oslo Ibrahim, Pamungkas, Ardhito Pramono, Danilla Riyadi and Grrrl Gang.