.Feast share remix compilation of debut album ‘Multiverses’

The release features collaborations with petallions, Cosmicburp, Aknostra, Mac Dalen, and more

Indonesian rockers .Feast have dropped a compilation featuring remixes of several tracks taken off their 2017 debut album ‘Multiverses’.

Titled ‘Aliansi Earth-03 (Remix)’, the compilation was uploaded on major streaming platforms via local imprint Sun Eater on Wednesday (October 26), and features collaborators on all of the five tracks contained in the release.

The opening track ‘Riphunter’ is a hip-hop remake of the original featuring rapper Nartok, while the folk number ‘Watcher of The Wall’ sees a stripped-down acoustic rendition played alongside singer-songwriter Reruntuh.


Listen to ‘Aliansi’ below.

In the remix for ‘Fastest Man Alive’, .Feast joins forces with musicians petallions, Cosmicburp, Aknostra, and Mac Dalen, while the fresh take on ‘Tel Aviv’ features bwah:spatium.

Finally, in ‘Jerusalem’, .Feast collaborates with husband and wife acoustic duo Endah N Rhesa.

In a press release, .Feast drummer Ryo Bodat said the remix project is a celebration of the debut album which was released five years ago.

“Perhaps not a lot of material from the album has not been explored on the live stage since the first release of the album, so the new (release) touches on 5 song choices that are not just about nostalgia, but brings us back to the beginning of the journey of .Feast with its Multi Semesta (multi-dimensions),” he said.


“We believed that the basic spirit of .Feast itself was to make music that not only feature the five of us as the core personnel but also collaborated with other musicians. This also aligns with the meaning of the name .Feast itself.”

In late April, .Feast released their mini-album ‘Abdi Lara Insani’ alongside music videos and a video for all eight songs in the release.

The mini album this year came after their previous one titled ‘Uang Muka’ in 2020. In 2018, the band also released the EP ‘Beberapa Orang Memaafkan’, following ‘Multiverses’ in 2017. The three releases represent dimensions named “Earth-08”, “Earth-02”, and “Earth-03”, respectively.