SB19’s Ken shines a spotlight on Filipino mythology in video for new FELIP single ‘Bulan’

The second solo track from SB19 member Ken

FELIP – aka SB19 member Ken – has released his second solo single, ‘Bulan’, along with an accompanying music video.

The music video for ‘Bulan’ was uploaded onto YouTube on Saturday night (May 28), while the single was released onto streaming platforms the following day.

The ‘Bulan’ video sees FELIP pay homage to ancient Filipino deities and mythology. “Definitive resources for this aspect of our culture have been destroyed during the colonial period, hence, the goal for this release is to encourage the youth to dig deep, discuss, and keep this aspect of our memory alive for generations to come,” reads the video’s opening sequence.


Watch the music video for ‘Bulan’ below.

The music video sees FELIP and a crew of backup dancers performing on a sand dune, with various background effects that help a battle of good and evil play out.

‘Bulan’ was originally due for release on May 15 in conjunction with a rare blood moon phenomenon. However, the singer-rapper – real name Felip Jhon Suson – delayed its launch, with a statement citing the Philippines being at the “forefront of an important, historic event that will shape our future”. That was widely taken as an allusion to the outcome of the Philippine general election, which ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. won in a landslide victory with running mate Sara Duterte.

‘Bulan’ serves as the second solo offering from FELIP, following his debut single ‘Palayo’ in September. He was the first member of P-pop group SB19 to share solo material, and was soon followed by SB19 bandmate Pablo, who put out ‘La Luna’ in January.

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