Filipino hip-hop collective Owfuck announce new album to be released in 2023

The group have also signed with a record label after nearly 10 years as an independent act

Filipino hip-hop collective Owfuck have announced a new album slated for release in 2023 under their new label, Music Colony.

In a new interview video shared by the label on July 1 announcing the signing, Owfuck’s A$tro, Lexus and Paul Cassimir revealed their plans for the album while discussing the band’s decision to sign with the label after nearly 10 years as an independent act. “This choice was a gamble, and we thought it was something we might have to do at this point [in our careers],” A$tro explains, adding, “So we said, let’s try it out.”

A confirmed release date for the album, as well as further information surrounding its tracklisting and collaborators have yet to be announced.


Watch the interview, which is in Tagalog, below.

The interview also covers more personal topics, like how the rappers eventually discovered their callings. As A$tro shares, “We tried different jobs, but we could only see ourselves rapping and providing for our families through it,” while discussing how the group balances family life with artist management and musical production duties.

Owfuck’s last LP came in the form of the collaborative album ‘Ligtas’ with fellow hip-hop collective Bawal Clan in 2020. The record claimed the ninth spot in NME‘s 25 best Asian albums of 2020 list, with NME‘s MC Galang writing, “[‘Ligtas’] bulldozes through the genre’s penchant for bigging up success, revealing in the debris the cost of delirium and materialism.”

Owfuck released the follow-up single ‘Problema’ not long after, but have not released any new material since as the members worked on their own separate projects. A$tro released his latest track, ‘Whooa!’ in earlier this year in February, which was his first single since June 2021’s  ‘Kaya Ko’. He also dropped his ‘Buhay Mixtape’ album in May 2021, which includes the hit single ‘Pabalik Balik’ featuring Ron Henley and Just Hush.

The group reunited at JRLDM’s ‘Mood Swing’ album showcase, which was held earlier this year in April. Owfuck was joined by Jikamarie, Mhot, Dilaw, K-Ram and Loonie at the showcase, which was also hosted by Music Colony.