Filipino indie band Lola Amour drop new single ‘Fallen’

“No, this song isn’t about falling in love”

Filipino indie band Lola Amour have dropped their latest single ‘Fallen’, a song that “isn’t about falling in love”.

The fresh tune, out today (June 25), is a track that was written by vocalist Pio Dumayas a little over two years ago. ‘Fallen’ was inspired by a falling out with a close friend, whom he had developed feelings for at the time, he told NME.

“I had this feeling in my gut, which was stronger than usual, that it would be better if I just left it alone. When I finally did act on it, things got really complicated,” he shared.


“So no, this song isn’t about falling in love. It’s about settling for walking in circles because the only way out doesn’t lead to a good place.”

Listen to the track below.

Prior to the single’s release, the septet held a live virtual launch via their YouTube channel. They performed their songs ‘Fools’, ‘Sanity’, ‘Please Don’t Leave’, and ‘Pwede Ba’, before playing ‘Fallen’ for the first time. Watch it below:

‘Fallen’ is Lola Amour’s first release since dropping the 2020 rework of their 2017 debut EP ‘Don’t Look Back’. It is the last song that keyboardist Martin Kim was able to record before he left for Korea in the same year.


Lola Amour – comprising Dumayas, Kim, Raymond King (bass), Zoe Gonzales (guitars), Angelo Mesina (trumpets), Joxx Perez (saxophone), and Renzo Santos (drums) – first launched as a band in 2016.