Filipino indie pop trio Parasouls sing about ‘Doctor Who’ on debut single, ‘Can We, Can We’

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Filipino indie pop band Parasouls have released ‘Can We, Can We’, which marks their first single as a band.

Issued via Lilystars Records yesterday (Oct 7), the song was the first ever written by guitarist and vocalist Dani Dimaano.

“I wrote about one of my favorite TV shows, Doctor Who,” she said. “This song, in particular, is an ode to Rose Tyler and The Doctor in the TARDIS.”


The propulsive track also draws on the escapist reverie of 1990s pop rock, with the song’s chorus pleading: “Can we, Can we, Can we, / Get outta here? / Runnin’ away, away / An adventure through time and space.”

Hear the single below.

Dimaano began writing the song in high school with bassist Joshua Gaces. “We tweaked the rhythm a little bit so it would fit the band setting better,” she shared.

“Also, fun fact: I really wanted to put in a dotted 8 delay somewhere in the song, so I spent so much time trying to learn that just to make sure it makes it to the record.”

Clem Castro, founder and head curator of Lilystars Records, has confirmed with NME that a follow-up single from Parasouls will arrive before the end of 2020. The band are also currently working on a new album to be released next year.


‘Can We, Can We’ is part of Lilystars Records’ months-long release campaign that began in September. Other Lilystars artists who have released music recently include Project Orange and Bryan Estepa.

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