Filipino neo-soul musician ((( O ))) releases third album ‘((( 3 )))’

A music video for ‘the way it is’ features tender footage of the musician giving birth at home

Filipino-American neo-soul singer-songwriter ((( O ))) has released her third studio album ‘((( 3 )))’.

The album – which was released today (August 27) – also comes with the release of a music video for lead single ‘the way it is’. The video features footage taken of the musician — real name June Marieezy — giving birth to her first child.

The spacious track fills up the atmosphere of the video, where Marieezy prepares for the homebirth by lighting up candles, meditating, and resting. Her partner, French musician FKJ, is seen looking after her.


Watch the video for ‘the way it is’ below.


Marieezy described the video on Instagram prior to its release, saying that it stems from “gently birthing a whole human naturally at home and making art out of it of course”.

‘((( 3 )))’ comes exactly one year after the release of its predecessor ‘((( 2 )))’ in August last year. Her sophomore album featured prominent singles such as ‘iFeel’ and ‘omw’ featuring frequent collaborator and real-life partner FKJ.

Listen to ‘((( 3 )))’ in its entirety below.


Marieezy also released a documentary in January chronicling her journey as a musician thus far, showing her diving deep into the roots of her ancestry. The documentary also explains the inspiration between her collection of singles and albums that she dubs The Sundrop Garden. Watch the short documentary here.

In late July, Marieezy released a music video for ‘Bayou’, one of the tracks from her sophomore album.

Marieezy debuted the ((( O ))) project in 2017. In August 2019, she released her debut album ‘((( 1 )))’. The record was the first in an ambitious series of 12 albums that the artist plans to release every year on August 27.