Filipino pop rock band The Juans kick off a new phase with single ‘Dulo’

Ahead of their upcoming album

Filipino pop rock band The Juans have released ‘Dulo’ (‘The End’), a fresh single that marks a new phase for the band.

The song follows their last single, ‘Pangalawang Bitaw’, which was released last November. ‘Dulo’ revels in melancholy, digging into a relationship between two people who are slowly drifting apart.

“This song is about the perspective of the person who gets to the end first, and the conflict between ‘Should I end this relationship now?’, or ‘Should I wait for the other person to get to the end with me?’” frontman Carl Guevarra told NME.


“So we sing about the conflict and the internal struggles of that person who had the chance to be at the end first.”

Listen to ‘Dulo’ below.

‘Dulo’ begins a campaign for their upcoming album. “After this, we will be releasing a couple more singles and then release our full album, which is something people should look forward to,” Guevarra revealed in a press statement.

“If they knew us because of our ‘hugot’ songs, then they need to brace themselves because the ‘hugot’ just got deeper,” added Guevarra, referring to the popular subgenre of Filipino love songs.

Later today, The Juans will perform a virtual “live countdown show” at 6pm (PH time), which will be broadcasted on the band’s Facebook and YouTube pages. After the show, the band will also premiere the music video for ‘Dulo’.


The Juans formed in 2013 and released their debut single, ‘Atin Ang Mundo’, in 2015. The band have since released a self-titled EP in 2015 and a full-length album, ‘Umaga’ in 2018. The Juans are Guevarra, Japs Mendoza (vocals/guitars), Chael Adriano (bass), RJ Cruz (vocals/guitars) and Joshua Coronel (drums).

In June, the band released a cover of James Reid’s ‘Soda’.