Filipino rapper Scye addresses mental health on new single ‘Paru-Paro’ featuring CHNDTR

The song touches on the importance of keeping an open mind when addressing mental illness and depression

Filipino rapper Scye has dropped his latest single ‘Paru-Paro’ featuring Chin Detera of pop-rock group CHNDTR.

The track arrived on major streaming services alongside a lyric video on Friday (July 16). Released via Def Jam Philippines, the song touches upon the importance of keeping an open mind when addressing mental illness and depression.

In a press release, Scye – real name John Orlan Padilla Lopez – said the track depicts the tale of a person battling demons inside his head.


Watch the lyric video below.

“The intention of ‘Paru-Paro’ is to connect with people who are struggling with the traumas they’ve been going through since childhood that cause them to drown in depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and suicidal attempts,” the 26-year-old said.

“This song also aims to remind their relatives and friends to give at least a little time to talk to them and listen to their struggles about their mental health issues.”

Scye said the song is also aimed at providing those who trivialise their struggles on social media and beyond by providing a perspective in debunking related stigma, adding that it is also geared towards normalising conversations on mental health issues.

Backed by sultry melodies and orchestral instrumentation, ‘Paru-Paro’ also features the soulful vocal work of CHNDTR vocalist Chin Detera, who sings in its chorus.


Scye said the track was produced by Dennis Cala, who he has worked with since January,  and involved copious amounts of experimentation on sound and musicality before they settled for a cinematic approach.

“We want the production to complement the bigness of the storytelling, and with Chin’s haunted vocal delivery adding more emotional weight to the overall appeal of the track, I just couldn’t ask for more.”

On Instagram, Scye teased an upcoming music video for ‘Paru Paro’ but did not indicate the release date.

In April, Scye teamed up with fellow Def Jam Southeast Asia rappers SYA, Pradaa, Ben Utomo, Fateeha, and DonWilson for a hip-hop remix of Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song ‘Drivers License’.

‘Paru-Paro’ also arrives after Scye’s single ‘Aking Kabanata’, released in January this year.

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