Filipino rapper Scye releases single ‘Ilusyon ni Juan’ under new moniker Jano

The Def Jam Southeast Asia rapper unveiled the new moniker late last month with a freestyle rap titled 'Ako si Jano'

Filipino rapper Scye has released his first single under the new moniker Jano.

The rapper’s label Def Jam Southeast Asia confirmed the stage name change in an Instagram post on June 22. It came after the rapper unveiled the new moniker late last month with a freestyle rap titled ‘Ako si Jano’ (‘I am Jano’) as part of Gloc-9’s second 44 Bars Rap Challenge.

The name appears to be a reference to his real name, John Orlan Padilla Lopez, and the rapper credited himself as Jano Lopez in the freestyle.


The rechristened artist has also released a new single titled ‘Ilusyon ni Juan’ alongside the announcement, with a music video that reveals a new look for the rapper: a clean undercut that has been dyed red.

Jano shared more about the single with Manila Bulletin. “There are many things in this world that we merely accept especially when money is involved,” he said, “and we normalise things even though we know deep down in our souls that it is just so wrong.”

Watch the music video for Jano’s ‘Ilusyon ni Juan’, released yesterday, below.

Jano’s last release came in the form of the single ‘Paru-Paro’ featuring Chin Detera of pop-rock group CHNDTR. Released in July last year, the single aimed to “connect with people who are struggling with the traumas they’ve been going through since childhood that cause them to drown in depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and suicidal attempts,” the rapper said.


Earlier that year in April, Jano teamed up with fellow Def Jam Southeast Asia rappers SYA, Pradaa, Ben Utomo, Fateeha, and DonWilson for a hip-hop remix of Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song ‘Drivers License’. It was also his first Southeast Asian collaboration.

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