Filipino rockers MilesExperience return with new single ‘Love Ain’t Enough’

Their first release since their 2019 EP ‘Cyber World War’

Filipino rock band MilesExperience have returned with their latest release called ‘Love Ain’t Enough’.

The single arrived Friday (December 17) on all digital streaming platforms. The anthem reminisces on a past relationship that fell apart, questioning the reasons why it ended.

Towards the end, however, MilesExperience choose a more hopeful direction, as vocalist Miles Bondoc sings: “I’m picking up the pieces now / I’m moving forward somehow / Somehow, we gotta find another way / To say we won’t love the other way”.


Listen to ‘Love Ain’t Enough’ below:

Bondoc told NME that he wrote the song before the pandemic, when he was “thinking about all the relationships that didn’t work out and why”.

“And it’s like no matter how much you love that person, it just doesn’t end up how you hoped it would. And to me, that cliche idea of love sounded corny but true to some people,” he added.

“I was actually imagining the scene in my head of that old school Mr. Big kind of music video with that classic chord progression and that classic rock tone, the reverbed drums, the classic grand piano the low-mid bass etc. And I liked that idea. A sort of classic / glam rock song with our twist. Love ain’t enough.”

‘Love Ain’t Enough’ is MilesExperience’s first single in two years and the first project as a quartet, without their keyboardist Guido Hizon. It marks the rock outfit’s comeback after releasing their EP ‘Cyber World War’ in 2019.


Bondoc embarked on solo projects throughout the band’s two-year break. He collaborated with Dana Cruz for the single ‘Sayaw’ and with Jensen Gomez for ‘Chasing’ in 2020. This year, he released the solo track ‘This Drug.’

MilesExperience – with current members Bondoc, Ian Lorenzo Diaz (bass), Justin Teaño (guitars) and Tim Dadivas (drums) – debuted as a group in 2011. Throughout their decade-long career, they have released two studio albums, ‘Again & Against’ in 2016 and ‘Soberhaul’ in 2017.