Filipino singer Paolo Sandejas reacts to BTS’ V using his single ‘Sorry’ in a vlog: “My life has not been the same”

The lyric video for 'Sorry' has seen an exponential increase in views, quadrupling in views within two days

Filipino singer Paolo Sandejas has reacted to BTSV using his single ‘Sorry’ in a recent vlog documenting a road trip.

V was even seen singing along to the lyrics of the single in the clip posted on July 9, calling the playlist that accompanies the vlog his “recent favourite songs”. Sandejas posted a video of himself reacting to V’s vlog with wide-eyed awe, writing in the caption, “I have no words. V just sang along to a song I wrote! I’m a singer-songwriter from the Philippines, and idkwtf I did to deserve this blessing.”

“V If you ever see this, you’re amazing man!”


Sandejas also thanked BTS fans for their reaction to his music so far and their “kindness”. Speaking about the vlog to the Manila Bulletin, Sandejas described the moment he found out V had used his song in the vlog: “I didn’t know that this was gonna happen. None of us knew even my management team. No one knew. It really came as a surprise. The first one to find out was my sister. She is a BTS fan. And her friend gave her a call.”

“V is playing your song in his vlog. Then we all started freaking out. Everything started blowing up on Twitter and Instagram. My life has not been the same.”

Watch V’s ‘I Drive’ vlog below.

Sandejas described the situation as a “one in a million chance” for an artist like him, noting that BTS fans, known as ARMY, had begun following him after ‘Sorry’ was used in vlog. The Manila Bulletin reported that the lyric video for ‘Sorry’ had seen an exponential increase in views, jumping from 25,000 views to over 100,000 within two days of V’s vlog being uploaded.


‘Sorry’ was first released in September of 2020.

An upcoming In The Soop spin-off series starring V has been announced by Disney+ Korea, which will also star South Korean rapper and producer Peakboy, as well as actors Park Seo-joon (The Marvels), Choi Woo-shik (Parasite, Our Beloved Summer) and Park Hyung-sik (Soundtrack #1), collectively known as Wooga Squad.

The series will premiere on Disney+ in select regions on July 22.