Flo Milli surprises fans with early release of her debut album

'You Still Here, Ho?' is available to buy and stream now

Flo Milli has surprised fans with an early release of her debut album today (July 20), ‘You Still Here, Ho?’ – you can stream it below.

Speaking about the record in a statement, Milli said: “My album creative is based on early 2000’s nostalgia. As queen of Gen-Z, this is the new age of the Roaring 20s. As a woman and creative, I feel so empowered, full of energy and full of life.

“I’ve decided to use social media, technology and my resources to uplift and inspire those who look up to me to use what they have, start where they are, and more importantly start today.”


You can stream the album here:

To coincide with the LP, Milli will also release the music video for her latest single ‘No Face’ later today at 5pm BST.

The album follows on from her debut mixtape, ‘Ho, Why Is You Here?’ Since the release of that, Milli has collaborated with the likes of Rico Nasty and announced the first song from her debut album, ‘Conceited‘, which arrived last month.

Milli’s previous singles ‘Ice Baby’ and ‘PBC (Pretty Black Cute)’ will also appear on her forthcoming LP.

Speaking to NME back in March, Flo Milli said her upcoming new project will be all about versatility, a fact derived from her “beat selections” and “just the whole vibe of it all”.


“This mixtape is going to be more mature so you can see that side of me… I can’t say too much – I don’t want to give too much away and you can’t enjoy the surprise later,” she added.

She continued: “Around the time, ‘Ho, Why Is You Here?’ came out, this life was moving kinda fast and I feel like I didn’t get to put as much as I wanted into it. That’s what I do on this [upcoming] project. ‘Ho, Why Is You Here?’ showed a little bit of what I do, but I want to show you guys 100 per cent of what I do.”