Former Mötley Crüe singer says ‘Pam & Tommy’ is “full of bullshit”

John Corabi dubbed the new TV series "98 per cent fictional"

Former Mötley Crüe singer John Corabi has dubbed the new TV series Pam & Tommy “full of bullshit”.

The new Disney+ mini-series chronicles the scandal in which Pamela Anderson’s sex tape with her husband, Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan), was stolen and leaked to the world.

John Corabi, who fronted the Crüe from 1992-1996 after the departure of Vince Neil, has taken to Twitter to share his anger about the series, calling it “98 per cent fictional”.


Corabi tweeted: “OK, just my opinion here on something that’s been bugging me. The Tommy and Pam miniseries on Hulu, is so full of bullshit, it’s ridiculous!!!! I can honestly say about 98 percent of this ‘FICTIONAL’ take on T&P’s life is CRIMINAL.”

He added: “I shared 5 years of my life with Tommy and although it was at times INSANITY it’s soooo overblown in this SHIT they call TV entertainment!”

“Tommy never walked around in a Speedo, didn’t act at all they way they portray him, and now I see that Third Eye Blind ‘bumps’ us from a studio, because they’re more relevant???? DID NOT HAPPEN … !!!” he added, referencing a scene where Lee walks into a studio before being alerted that the larger Studio A is being used by Third Eye Blind, and that the Crüe are demoted to Studio B.

In a new interview, Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins confirmed that the scene was completely fabricated, saying: “Mötley Crüe and I’ve never been in the same studio.”

“Apparently, HULU, and all involved in this crock of shit don’t care about how Pam may feel to have to relive this,” Corabi added. “Or how Tommy’s new wife may feel. Or how about Tommy’s boys seeing this completely overblown story about their parents!!! Shame on EVERYONE involved…,” before adding four middle finger emojis to his posting.


The comments come after Pam & Tommy star Lily James said that “we’re all complicit” in the mistreatment of Pamela Anderson.

The show comments on how Anderson suffered more in terms of media attention as opposed to Lee.

When asked by IndieWire about whether society is “ready to admit our culpability” about the way she was treated, James said: “I’m glad you use the word ‘culpability’ because that was very much our intention with the show was to hold a mirror up to make people look at their own culpability in perpetuating this unhealthy viral internet behaviour.”

Reviewing Pam & Tommy, NME wrote: “Often the series finds itself tripping over its own moralising. In showing how Anderson’s body was exploited in Baywatch – with dedicated on-set runners arranging her bum cheeks to display the perfect amount of flesh to get past the censors – Pam & Tommy does the exact same thing, with regular appearances of Lily James’ naked body that border on the obsessive.”