Four former TRCNG members to re-debut as APR Project

Their new song ’11:59’ is out now

Four members of the now-disbanded boyband TRCNG will be making their re-debut in a new group temporarily named APR Project.

On June 6, former TRCNG members Ji-hoon, Hyun-woo, Si-woo and Ha-min (previously known as Kang Min) unveiled their first music release as member of APR Project, a pre-debut project launched by APR Entertainment. The group is set to officially debut some time in late 2022 or 2023.

The new black and white visual features the four members of the group shedding their school uniforms as they walk through an open field, later emerging in suits. “A clumsy and fluttering child’s smile / The dark, dark child’s tears / The four steps that shined the light / Be the light on my way,” they sing in the chorus of the sombre pop ballad.


TRCNG first debuted as a ten-member group under TS Entertainment in 2017 with the mini-album ‘New Generation’, which was led by the title track ‘Spectrum’. The group went on to release a string of singles, before members Woo-yeop and Tae-seon filed a criminal complaint against the agency in late 2019, citing child abuse, extortion and assault, resulting in their departure from the group. TS Entertainment later denied all claims.

Later that year, the parents of the remaining TRCNG members filed a lawsuit against Woo-yep and Tae-seon, as well as their parents for “damaging the reputation” of the group, per Hankuk Ilbo. According to SPOTV News, the agency announced that the group had officially disbanded on February 28 2022.