Frank Turner claims he was once mistaken for Ed Norton by Russian sex workers

"I’m a big fan of his work”

Frank Turner says he was once mistaken for the actor Ed Norton by Russian sex workers.

Speaking in this week’s Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?!, he told NME about the mix up during his early days of touring.

“I did a bunch of super-DIY touring in Russia, sleeping on the floors of squats. The day after my final show there, we were having a drink in a bar and two women came over and started talking to my friend in Russian and pointing at me fluttering their eyelids,” he said.


“I was initially quite pleased about this development but was then told by my tour guide I shouldn’t be! There’s a part of me that misses those early days when touring was chaos – when we’d jump into a car and drive to a hippy festival in the middle of Lithuania and hit a deer on route after getting extorted by border guards.”

When asked if he thinks the Hollywood actor was ever mistaken for him, Turner replied: “I seriously doubt it! And I’m not going to sit here and say I see the resemblance! But I’m a big fan of his work.”

Frank Turner's ‘England Keep My Bones'
Frank Turner’s ‘England Keep My Bones’ reissue

Meanwhile, Turner recently announced a special 10th anniversary reissue of his 2011 album ‘England Keep My Bones’.

This commemorative edition of the record, which was Turner’s fourth solo studio album, will be released on June 4 via Xtra Mile Recordings.

As well as the original album, the physical version of the ‘England Keep My Bones’ reissue will also include a bonus disc of unheard demo recordings from the ‘El Paso Sessions’ as well as bespoke new artwork.


The reissue will be presented as a double-disc set and will be available on 180g vinyl and in a multitude of different colour variants that are exclusive to indie retailers across the world.

Earlier this month Turner shared ‘The Gathering’, a track featuring Muse drummer Dom Howard and Jason Isbell.